Notice: Staff Development Day Closure - June 24, 2019

On Monday, June 24, all three of our locations will be closed for staff training so we can serve YOU - the members of our amazing community - even better! We will re-open Tuesday June 25.

Wireless Internet

Wi-fi Logo

RDPL has provided open wireless access to all since 2005. A library membership is NOT required to access the Wireless Network. As well, there is no fee associated with using the network.

The RDPL Wireless Network is an open network, meaning that no authentication is required. It broadcasts RDPL as the SSID of the network and uses DHCP to assign users an IP address.

What's Available

The RDPL Wireless Network is set up to provide web access via a web browser only. We do not and cannot guarantee that applications such as chat, e-mail, FTP, file-sharing, games and telnet will be accessible via the Wireless Network.

What If I Need Help?

Red Deer Public Library does NOT provide any technical support for customers in using their wireless devices to connect to the Wireless Network. Customers are encouraged to contact their equipment manufacturers for technical support.

RDPL Wireless Network Usage Agreement

  • All members of the public will have access to the Wireless Network at no charge.
  • Customers have access to unfiltered Internet access via the Wireless Network. RDPL's public internet workstations provide filtered internet access. 
  • Red Deer Public Library is committed to providing an environment free from harassment. Customers must not display on screens and/or printers materials which may be objectionable.
  • As with all library materials, parents or guardians are responsible for materials accessed by minors. Minors must have permission from parents or guardians before using the Wireless Network.
  • Use of the Wireless Network for illegal, actionable conduct or to seek access to unauthorized areas is prohibited.
  • RDPL assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages from the use of the Wireless Network.
  • Customers are responsible for all commercial transactions made while using the RDPL workstations.
  • Any misuse of the Wireless Network may result in the loss of library privileges and/or criminal prosecution.
  • Customers must log off the Wireless Network immediately when asked by staff.
  • Red Deer Public Library does not guarantee the availability of the wireless network on a 24/7/365 basis, but will endeavour to reduce any downtime to a minimum.