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Candidates listed in alphabetical order

Bill Christie (elected)

Bill Christie

I am seeking Re-Election as a School Trustee for Red Deer Public School District #104.

Some background information:

  • Married for 38 years to Terry (nee Holmes) a 4th. generation RedDeerian.
  • School Trustee for Red Deer Public 2010 to the present
  • Board Member Red Deer Regional Health Foundation
  • Chair Red Deer Highland Games 2009, 2010 & 2011
  • Co-Chair Public Service Campaign for United Way in 2010
  • British Columbia Government Agent (retired)
  • 2007 Recipient of the British Columbia Community Achievement Award
  • School Trustee - Prince George, B. C. 14 years (6 years as Board Chair)
  • Board Member B.C. School Trustees Association for 3 years
  • Finance Committee Member B.C. School Trustees Assoc. for 3 years
  • School Trustee - Nelson, B. C. for 11 years
  • Hospital Board Member - Mackenzie for 2 years
  • Prince George Society for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities - treas. 9 years

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Shari Hanson

Shari Hanson

Shari believes in community. She is motivated to engage our community to support learning for our children; assuring the diverse learning needs of our students are met in a safe community. An advocate for strengthening public schools, Shari is excited to join in the important discussions on defining and achieving success, and to providing quality learning opportunities so that every student can be successful. She is eager to seek to understand the issues and do what is best for students.

School Boards enable open collaboration that engages citizens in public education. Shari is passionate about people and has skills for working together to make education a priority for everyone. She seeks to increase the diversity of voices informing decisions that affect students.

An active resident of Red Deer since moving here in 2007, Shari is the mother of 2 students currently enrolled in Grades 3 and 8 with Red Deer Public Schools. Her own educational pursuits were greatly influenced by her participation with Canada World Youth (having traveled on a youth exchange to India), her rural background, and especially her involvement with “learn to do by doing” (she was a 4-H member for 8 years). Shari has a BA in Social Anthropology and a MSc in Rural Extension Studies (with a focus in Community Development and Adult Education).

She has been married to Dave for 19 years & has worked as a Community Development Officer for 15 years. She is skilled at encouraging and supporting critical, and sometimes difficult, conversations.

Email: SHforRDPS@outlook.com
Phone: 403-596-5553

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Kerri Kenworthy

Kerri Kenworthy

My husband and I have lived in Red Deer for the past 11 years with our 5 children. 4 of them are current students in the Red Deer Public Schools.

I have a background in Business Management and have had employment as an Accountant and Office Manager. I am currently employed at Prairie Bus Lines as a bus driver and have worked as an office administrator and dispatcher. Driving bus has allowed me to be home with my children and makes me feel more connected to their school.

Our children’s education is very important to me. We need to prepare them for the future, especially when it comes to technology. We also need to plan financially so that every student has an equal opportunity for education.

Offering an easier way for parents and Trustees to communicate is important to me and I would endeavour to make myself available and encourage others on the board to do the same. I understand what parents are facing and feel their voices really need to be heard once they are aware of the issues that face our children and their education.

Red Deer is a growing city and we must work education into our plans for future growth right now. I know I would be the right fit for a new and improved Public School Board in Red Deer.

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Lianne Kruger

Lianne Kruger

My husband and I have been married for 26 years. We have 5 children.
I have a computer programming degree. I have taught computer software courses for 31 years. I am presently teaching at Red Deer College. I believe it is important for Trustees to understand technology and the importance of students knowing how to use current technology to prepare for whatever career they choose.
I earned a minor in accounting. I understand and have experience working with budgets.

Volunteer Boards

  • Foundation for Red Deer Public Schools (3 years). I am currently the marketing director. I have been on the program and the fundraising committees. I programmed a database to maintain contacts.
  • Central Alberta Historical Society (3 years): Website committee and I am currently Vice President.
  • Red Deer Centennial committee (1 year): I updated the website for the first six months last year. I setup the Facebook and Twitter accounts and continue to update them.
  • Red Deer Genealogical Society: President for 2.5 years. Currently Past President
  • I volunteered for 13 years as a Girl Guide leader including District Commissioner.
  • One of the three focuses of Red Deer Public Schools is inclusion. Bullying is a problem with no quick fix. We need to help those who face it and find ways to prevent it. I look forward to working with the board on finding solutions on this and other topics.
  • I am willing to work with ATA and other boards in finding ways to solve the student/teacher ratios and other problems.

I will be your advocate for our children's future.

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Dick Lemke (elected)

Dick Lemke

Together with my wife Jean, I have lived in Red Deer for over 30 years. My three children are all graduates of Red Deer Public Schools. The next generation is now in the school systems.

I am a retired school teacher. My teaching years were successfully done for neighboring school boards.

I am active in the business community with my marketing and clothing company. I know what it is like to balance the books and keep expenditures in line.

I have been on the School Board for six years and would like the opportunity again. My filter for board decisions will continue to be how our decisions affect each and every student. The role of school boards must be to make the education experience one of quality for every student.

One of the greatest challenges is to encourage the Provincial Government to establish a stable and consistent model. If school boards are going to make long range plans, then this predictable funding is a necessity. It is the board’s role to lobby the government for this result. Adequate buildings in the right places should be addressed. 

Other focus areas for Red Deer Public include:
• Encouraging public use of schools.
• Acceptable high school completion rates.
• Implementation of the Districts Literacy Framework.
• Developing the implementation of a District Wide Comprehensive School Health Strategy.
• Continue to have high results from the Provincial Government accountability pillars.

On October 21, I would appreciate the chance to continue working on these board priorities.

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Dianne Macaulay (elected)

I have three amazing children. One graduated from LTCHS. One graduated from HHHS and the other is in Gr 10 at HHHS. I have lived in central Alberta all my life and 20+ years in Red Deer.

I am passionate about public education. I have had the honor of representing RDPSD for the past 9 years

I care about taking responsibility. Teachers are responsible for inspiring students and helping them to learn. Parents are responsible for making sure students stay on track, to get your homework done, and to not spend every waking hour in front of the TV or Xbox. It is the government’s responsibility for setting high standards , and supporting teachers and giving students the opportunities they deserve.

But at the end of the day , we can have the most dedicated teachers , the most supportive parents , and the best schools in the world -- and none of it will make a difference , none of it will matter unless all of us fulfill our responsibilities , unless the students show up for class, unless they pay attention to those teachers , unless they listen to their parents and grandparents and other adults and put in the hard work it takes to success. This is the responsibility each of us have for your education.

Every single one of us has something to offer. And no matter what you want to do with your life, I guarantee that you'll need an education to do it.

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Bev Manning (elected)

Bev Manning

I am 56 years old. My husband John and I have three daughters, four grandchildren. We live on Red Deer's north side. I work downtown for a local printer. I was first elected as a Trustee in 1995. I have served seven years as vice-chairman.

Throughout the past 18 years I have been involved in:

  • administrative hiring-labour negotiations
  • policy development-school closure committee
  • participation in a wide variety of conferences and trustee development through our provincial organizations
  • working with our partners and stakeholders (school councils, city council, other local boards and community organizations) 


  • Educating students is everyone’s responsibility.
  • In all that trustees do, students and student achievement should be our first consideration.
  • Every student who comes to us deserves the best that we have to offer. This includes the teaching of values, morals and ethics. How we treat one another is, in itself, part of a public education.
  • Children are our future and our most precious and important resource. They are worthy of our finest efforts. You must never ever give up on trying to help them find their way in this world. With loyalty, empathy, tenacity, love and prayer - and together, we can get through anything.


  • Early literacy, pre-kindergarten.
  • High school completion.
  • Inclusion of all students.
  • Local autonomy, maintaining our ability to respond to local needs and our community’s wishes.
  • Student accommodation, our need for schools and school buildings.
  • Building partnerships, collaborating with stakeholders and community.
  • Balanced budget.

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Ben Ordman

Ben Ordman

I am running for the position of Trustee on the Red Deer Public School Board because I have valuable experience that would be beneficial to the achievement of the Board’s goals.  Three of these goals are inclusion, literacy and completion.

Having had career experience in education, real estate and construction supervision, I believe I will ask the right questions in the oversight process.

I have worked with every age group in public education, from kindergarten to college.  I have worked as a Special Needs Education Assistant and, at a college, as a Community Health Care Instructor.  I have supervised adult learners working in extended health care facilities.
My volunteer service includes delivering suicide prevention speeches at Lindsay Thurber High School, President of Neighbourhood Watch, Police and Taxi Committees member, and Red Deer College fundraising.

I am aware of the powerful opportunities and challenges that technology presents to today’s young people.  Society and education have changed.  There are new opportunities that computers present to expand learning, and there are dangers due to their capacity to expedite negative social behaviours.  Cyber bullying, harassment and pernicious gossip have complicated the social culture of today’s young people.  I believe that a culture of respect and civility should be fostered in schools.  The school community, students, staff and parents are deserving of dignity and happiness first and foremost.

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Cathy Peacocke (elected)

Cathy Peacocke

Hello! I am running for re-election to the Red Deer Public School Board. I believe that providing an excellent education is essential to ensuring that students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and is of fundamental importance to our society and economy.

As a locally elected Trustee I am responsive to local needs and committed to serving Red Deer. Parents are critical to student success, and I encourage parents to be active partners in their children’s education.

First elected in 2007 I have been an advocate for parents since my children started school. I received the Friends of Education Award from Red Deer Public Schools and the President’s Award from the Alberta School Councils’ Association for my role in supporting more effective school councils.

I believe it is important to be involved in the community. I am currently the chair of the Lifelong Learning Council of Red Deer and on the board of directors for the United Way of Central Alberta. Previous volunteer board service includes the Crisis Centre and Special Equestrians.

I have lived in Red Deer for twenty five years. I grew up in Nova Scotia and received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics from Dalhousie University.

My objectives in the upcoming term include continuing to expand the Board’s dialogue with the community, increasing high school completion rates, and an enhanced focus on overall student well being.

On Election Day, please re-elect Cathy Peacocke to the Red Deer Public School Board.

Contact Cathy at 403-342-6043 or cathypeacocke@shaw.ca

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Kurt Spady

Kurt Spady

I am a lifetime resident of Red Deer and have been married to Janelle Spady (also a lifetime resident of Red Deer) since 2008. We have two children (twins) who will be attending Red Deer Public Schools in the future, and it is quickly becoming the near future.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Management degree with a major in Human Resources. I also hold a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from Athabasca University.

I am currently employed as a Senior Planner with Alberta Health Services, where I do work on strategic and organizational planning, process improvement, and project management. I also instruct Business and Leadership Training at Red Deer College for various certificate and diploma programs. In addition I am also the owner and operator of Avason Consulting Corp., and provide Management Consulting services to post-secondary institutions, businesses, and individuals.

I have experience with organizational governance from my position as the Faculty of Business representative for the Athabasca University Graduate Students Association board.

I believe in sustainable and high quality access to education for the children in our community. I believe that I have a skill set and experience that will benefit the school district and that will assist in developing student centered educational opportunities for the future.

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Bill Stuebing (elected)

Bill Stuebing

A Sociology instructor at Red Deer College, with my wife Linda, I have lived in our community for over 40 years. Our four children are all proud graduates of Red Deer Public Schools.

A Trustee since 1995, I have served as vice chair (6 years) and chair (6 years) of the Board, on virtually every Board committee, and as an executive member of the Public School Boards Association of Alberta (8 years) including 4 years as Vice President.

We know of some of the significant challenges that face us:
• Early literacy, inclusion, high school completion.
• Dealing with limited, unpredictable funding while preserving gains in class size, learning assistance, alternative and Aboriginal programing, teacher supports.
• Burgeoning enrolments and increasingly crowded schools.
• Our need for another new elementary school and a middle school.
• Implementing the Province’s “Inspiring Education” report while preserving local autonomy and insuring Red Deer’s educational aspirations are respected.

Yet many of the issues we will face are at present unknown.  For this reason, I offer an attitude as much as an agenda.

I am passionately committed to both the spirit and the practice of public school education. Public schools represent both the future of all of our children and our community.  There can never be such a thing as a “disposable child.”

I believe I can continue to provide experience, dedication and knowledge, and in seeking re election, I hope to continue to contribute to our schools, our children, and our community.

I would sincerely appreciate your support.

Thank you.

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Jim Watters (elected)

Jim Watters

I was involved with school councils in Red Deer from 1993-1998 and served as a School Board Trustee with Red Deer Public from 1998-2010. Now, three years later after an unsuccessful run for city council in 2010 I would like to return as an advocate for a strong public education system for all children as well as two of my four grandsons. As my record as a School Board Trustee has demonstrated, I strive to be available for all stakeholders as I value hearing various view points before making a decision. My role as a trustee will be to support our students as they strive for excellence and to support the Red Deer Public School District as they continue to develop a progressive and inclusive education system.

Please feel free to contact me by email (jwattersfamily@shaw.ca) or by phone (403-340-9392) with any questions or comments.

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Milt Williams

Milt Williams

• B.Ed. and M.Ed.

Teaching Experience
• I have taught for 24 years in the Red Deer Public School District. My teaching career was always student focused.
• I successfully implemented the MicroSociety program at Aspen Heights School, where a school based society is modeled on real life.
• I was awarded 2012 Coordinator of the Year at the MicroSociety International Conference held in Philadelphia, USA.

Business Experience
• I was a Store Manager of Operations for a national furniture chain.
• I have owned and managed small businesses.

• I am married to Marianne (former teacher). Four children: John, Andrew, Daniel and James who have all attended Red Deer Public Schools.

I firmly believe every decision big or small must be made considering the impact on our students.

My job as a trustee will be to represent you in making decisions that ensure school staff is supported in creating the best learning environment for your children.

I am the only candidate with a combination of these three attributes:
• I have taught in the Red Deer Public School District
• My children all graduated from Red Deer Public Schools
• I have experience as a business owner and manager

I will bring business and teaching experience to the Red Deer Public School Board. I feel the front line knowledge I have gained, as a teacher in Red Deer Public Schools will provide useful insights to share with my colleagues on our school board resulting in sound decisions for our students.


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Raymond Yaworski

Raymond Yaworski

I am 57 years old, I've lived in Red Deer for nearly 26 years. I have three grown children, all graduates of the Red Deer Public School District. I retired 5 years ago, after selling my automobile business. I place great value on education, and in addition to my formal schooling, I have and constantly continue to improve my knowledge of how and why this World operates. We have a very fine education system, both on a local and provincial level, but there is room for improvement. The stakeholders in Public Education - students, parents, teachers, support/infrastructure workers, and Board Trustees - must be ever-diligent in striving to "move the bar higher" and challenge ourselves to find and create ways to build the finest school students and graduates to be found anywhere. Young people now and in the future are and will be competing in the workplace with the best that the world has to offer. We have great youth in our community. The challenge to the School Board will be to use our vision, wisdom, experiences, creativity and determination to ensure that every child has the opportunity to get the very best educational experience that can be had. Yes, I am new to this venture, but I promise you this; I have been tested with new challenges and obstacles many times in my business career, and I have succeeded where others before me failed, when success seemed unlikely I prevailed and thrived. Your trust is safe with me.

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