Notice: Staff Development Day Closure - June 24, 2019

On Monday, June 24, all three of our locations will be closed for staff training so we can serve YOU - the members of our amazing community - even better! We will re-open Tuesday June 25.

Accessible Services


 Physical Accessibility at Red Deer Public Library 

All three branches of RDPL are wheelchair accessible. The Downtown Branch has four levels and is accessible by elevator. Washrooms are on the fourth and lower levels.

 Library Materials in Accessible Formats 


Physical Formats:

Digital Formats:

For first time users of digital formats, these instructions will get you started. 


Physical Formats:

Digital Formats:

 Accessible Technology at Red Deer Public Library 

Accessible Computer Workstation
Located at the Downtown Branch, the Accessible Computer Workstation has accessible features like magnifier, narrator, high contrast, enlarged mouse, enlarged keyboard, and an adjustable table. It can be used up to 2 hours per day with a vaild library card.

 Materials and Services for Persons with Print Disabilities 

What is a print disability?

A print disabled person is any individual who is unable to read standard print materials. According to the Canadian Copyright Act, accessible formats will be made available to any individual who has been diagnosed with one of the following disabilities:

  • Learning disability: an impairment relating to comprehension
  • Physical disability: the inability to hold or manipulate a book
  • Visual disability: severe or total impairment of sight or the inability to focus or move one’s eyes

Print Disabled Services

If you require materials in an accessible format, you can request an Accessible Card which will allow you access to these two services:

What is the difference between CELA and NELS?



  • Provides access to physical and digital collections of books and magazines in audio, e-text; braille; newspapers in e-text; children's pictures books with braille added.
  • Provides access to a digital collection of DAISY audio materials; some e-braille; e-text.
  • Materials are made available to patrons either via direct download to a computer, mobile device (eg. tablets or smartphones) or a DAISY device OR
    via mail-delivery 
    of audio CDs or braille materials.
  • Materials are made available to patrons via direct download to a computer, mobile device (eg. tablets or smartphones) or a DAISY device.

How do I register for CELA?

  1. Begin by requesting an Accessible Card from any Red Deer Public Library branch.
  2. If you have this card you can self-register for CELA online at
    If you would like assistance registering for CELA services, contact the library and we will register you.
  3. Then you can access and request materials for yourself.

How do I register for NNELS?

  1. Begin by requesting an Accessible Card from any Red Deer Public Library branch.
  2. If you have this card you can then log in to the NNELS website at using your library barcode and PIN.
  3. Then you can access and request materials for yourself.

 Materials Available to Customers with an Accessible Card 

Victor Reader
Victor Reader
Victor Stream
Victor Stream

 Home Service 

Any Library member who is in a home in Red Deer and who is homebound for three months or more due to age, illness or disability can apply for this free service. You will be partnered with a volunteer who will select materials for you and bring these to you every three weeks and return any borrowed materials to the Library for you.

To apply for this service contact the Home Service Coordinator at or 403-346-4576 extension 1501.

Alternative to Home Service

If you prefer to select materials for yourself, you can place materials on hold from the online catalogue for pick up at any of the three branches. We will contact you when your materials are waiting for you to pick up then you or a designate can pick up the materials on your behalf. 

Volunteering with the Home Service program

For more information on volunteering for Home Services, contact the Home Service Coordinator at or 403-346-4576 extension 1501.