Earth Day Challenges

Join RDPL in celebrating Earth Day 2020!

The 50th Anniversary of Earth day is April 22, 2020. We challenge you to do your part to create climate action! Take part in the challenges below to find out how even simple actions can have an impact!

Challenge 1: To create climate action we need to follow the three R's : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Today's challenge will be to reduce your dependency on technology and pick up a book. Today to gear up for earth day we want you to READ. 

Read a book and help the environment.

Challenge 2: Compost at home? Sure! There are lots of ways to do it, even if you don't have a yard. Improving the soil's ability to stabilize carbon and increasing plant growth, thereby pulling more CO2 out of the atmosphere. Good for your plants and good for the earth!

Start your research and try composting today.

Challenge 3: Got a leaky faucet? You might be dripping as much as 340 litres of water down the drain every day. Fix it. Does your winter jacket have a small tear? Don't toss it and buy a new one. Fix it. Try your hand at fixing the little things around you. Try online tutorials if you are stuck.

Fix it and help fix the earth.

Challenge 4: There are many simple upcycle DIY projects we can do at home to use an item we already have and change it to fit a new need. It reduces something new you would have to buy, and it reuses something you already have that would otherwise go in the trash. Win-win!

Try an upcycle DIY today!

For more information about Earth Day and how you can participate, check out