Choosewell Bingo!

Thank you for participating in the Red Deer Family Winter Choosewell Bingo!

The Red Deer Wellness Alliance had a virtual meeting on Wednesday, April 1 and chose the winners of Red Deer Family Winter Choosewell Bingo!

The prizes were dropped off to the winners on Friday, April 3, and here is what the winners had to say about their participation in Choosewell Bingo:

"There were a few things I liked about the bingo:

1. It provided a variety of activities. Not only were those activities fun, they were also educational (I learned that there is a YMCA in Red Deer now, I also learned new information from the websites that Choosewell Bingo encouraged me to go to).
2. This Bingo definitely encouraged me to do new things with my family. I felt that my family became part of it, too, and they were also checking on me, "Mom, which new vegetable should we try?" (we tried jicama, which was because of the Bingo), "Mom, when are we going for that walk?", "When are we having a device-free evening?"

This was a wonderful idea! It was a creative and fun way to encourage people to stay active with their families and, at the same time, connect them to new opportunities in our Red Deer Community."

"It's nice when our path in life is given a little attention and acknowledgement. I've been riding my bicycle as primary transportation for over a year now (thanks to motorists sharing the road!) and I'll continue to pedal down Red Deer's trails in all five seasons! I've constructed a lifestyle that forces me to be active and take time for health, especially my mental health! We are in this together and we can't do it alone! Thank you to Tatiana and all of RDPL for directing us to Choosewell Bingo! Obviously our Coronavirus pandemic halted some group activities and forced adjustments but isn't that what fitness is all about anyways? Adjust to each moment and be mindful where possible! Give it your best and stay on track! Sometimes we need to take the easy street and drink coffee and beer but that's okay as long as we choose the healthy road nine-times-out-of-ten! Thanks again to Leah and the Be Fit for Life Center at RDC for making my day today (I won some serious swag as you can see in the picture!) Let's give our community the utmost love today and always! Cheers!"

"I enjoyed the varied activities and inclusion of all ages. I liked the idea of checking out websites that I never knew existed, it's always good to learn something new. I was inspired by finding new places to go and check out with opportunities to use equipment such as snow shoes, but unfortunately I didn't get there, due to the virus and self isolation. With gratitude and appreciation."

"I liked the activities we did with our family the most that got us doing things together: picking and making new recipes, going for walks, etc. My kids particularly enjoyed marking the bingo squares and seeing what else we needed to do to complete them."

What's next?

Join our new Virtual Walk/Run Club on Facebook!

Walk Run Club

Plus, you and your family are invited to join the Move Your Mood challenge that starts on April 20!