Kits to Go: Literacy Backpacks

Try these fun literacy backpacks filled with books, activities, songs, and more!

Place a hold in the catalogue for pickup at the branch of your choice.

Nature Fun Backpacks

These five nature-themed backpacks help your family explore the great outdoors. Each bag includes books and activities focusing on: Forests, Gardening, Hiking, Bugs, or Birds!

Physical Literacy Backpacks

PLAY(Physical Literacy and You) Early Literacy Committee has created an amazing physical literacy resource.

In the PLAY Backpack you will find:

  • PLAY How-to Guide
  • “Reach, Twirl, Curl Up small” book and activity resource cards
  • Nature Play cards
  • “Let’s Go Play on a Winter Day” book and activity resource cards
  • Have a Ball Together cards
  • Variety of floor markers
  • Additional list of web resources 

Reading Fun Backpacks

Sign out a backpack full of adventures from the Dawe Branch! Each backpack contains: popular children’s books, activity sheets and supplies for activities and crafts relating to the book. 

These backpacks support and encourage families to read and do fun activities together.

Reading Pals Backpacks

A collection of books and materials for all types of readers and learners all in one convenient backpack. Backpacks include 3-4 books at varying levels and fun activities. Find packs for dyslexic readers, visual learners, STEAM, emotional intelligence and coding. 

Healing Library Backpacks

Each backpack contains a collection of children’s books, discussion guides, healing activities, and information on community resources to help families navigate difficult subjects together. While the backpacks are aimed at children and families, they may also provide some benefit to adults.

Topics of The Healing Library currently include:

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Death of a Pet
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Alzheimer’s and Your Family

Generously sponsored by The Friends of the Red Deer Public Library, and based on the work of The Healing Library group.