**CANCELLED** Breaking Cover - Red Deer Players Script Reading Series (Downtown Branch)

January 19, March 15 (Cancelled), May 10

12 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Snell Auditorium

Breaking Cover is an interactive initiative created and performed by Red Deer Players.

It gives the audience the opportunity to experience readings of new works by Alberta playwrights and to participate in the workshopping of those scripts. An integral part of the process is the dialogue between audience, director, playwright and cast which follows the performance and allows the playwright the opportunity to gauge audience response and gain valuable feedback to further their work. 

Admission is free, but good will donations for the Red Deer Players are accepted.

January 19
After Mourning by Mike Czuba

In 1924, a man from London's National Gallery visits Johanna Bonger in Holland and makes a substantial offer for a painting of Sunflowers. This is where we begin. For 35-years up to her death in 1925, she was unwavering in her efforts to bring Vincent Van Gogh's work to the world. Johanna Bonger was the woman who saved Van Gogh. This is her story.

March 15
The Bodice Ripper by Blaine Newton

Can two couples locked in a cabin write a romance novel in four days? Can't be any harder than salvaging a marriage or dodging a mob enforcer. Come on, team! This bodice isn't going to rip itself!! Did you guess - this one's a comedy!!

May 10
Relative Value by Christi Dos Santos

It's 2014: Alberta is riding high as oil hits a euphoric $106.90 a barrel. In a public relations firm, Colby, a failed economics PhD and Dani, a street smart go-getter, start their first day of work together, and forge an unlikely friendship as they navigate through a volatile workplace. Late one night, a questionable incident occurs that puts their friendship to the test. To make matters worse, the oil industry implodes overnight. As tensions rise, the question of what actually transpired that night can no longer be ignored.