Clarity on Cannabis: Alberta Health Services Presentation (Dawe Branch)

A FREE event!

Thursday, September 26
6 p.m. โ€“ 8 p.m.
Ages 12 and up

Understand the rationale for cannabis legalization and the Alberta Framework regulating legal cannabis.

Find out who is using cannabis.  Learn basic information about the product; the difference between legal and illegal products and how is cannabis used. Know the rules for use at home and away. Recognize the difference between non-medical and medical cannabis. Learn the health effects of use including; dependence, considerations for special populations like youth, mental illness, pregnancy/ breastfeeding/ child care/ seniors. Understand the safety implications; impairment and driving. Strategies for harm reduction and where to find reliable resources and information.

The program is provided by: Gail Foreman BScN RN CTE, AHS Central Zone Health Promotion