In the Gallery (Downtown Branch)

Visit the Kiwanis Gallery at the Downtown
Branch and browse amazing 
artworks created by artists with
The Red Deer Arts Council. 

November 19 to December 22 
Out of the Kitchen:Works by Susan Barker and Issy Covey 

These two artists have been creating their artwork in the kitchen, the heart of the home, in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Working from their kitchens has inspired both artists to create 'kitchen' art about the place they work. The work is immediately available to walk past and check on the clay or add a few brush loads of paint, then carry on with daily life or continue to work on their pieces throughout the day. What would your kitchen produce if you were an artist?
*First Friday: December 6

December 31 to February 17
Shadow Man Works by Paul Boultbee

This series of mixed media works combines Paul’s memories and experiences of his travels but through his shadow as an autobiographical form that relies on symbols and materials to convey meaning. Through these haunting images, Paul hopes to encourage the viewer to reflect on their own place in the world, however fleeting that may be.
*First Fridays: January 3 and February 7

February 19 to April 19
2020 Vision: A Red Deer Arts Council Visual Arts Members Juried Exhibition

The Red Deer Arts Council invited its visual arts members to submit work for its annual members’ exhibition. We can’t help but draw a connection between the year 2020 and visual art. This exhibition theme is open to many interpretations and we can’t wait to see what direction members will take with this idea and their own artwork. They may choose to explore their personal world view, the process of sight itself, represent literally what you see, a way of seeing or a more conceptual view or vision – it was up to them to decide.
This should be a very exciting exhibition with many layers of interest.
*First Fridays: March 6 and April 3 

*First Friday Red Deer Openings are held in the Snell Auditorium from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. and feature visits from the artist(s) or entertainment/activities and refreshments. First Fridays are reserved for Red Deer Arts Council members and affiliates and library members.