Breaking Cover (Downtown Branch)

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Snell Auditorium
Free admission 
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This new program features play readings of upcoming productions by Red Deer Players.

Sunday, December 9
A Jew and a Muslim Walk into a Comedy
by Caroline Russell-King

A Jew and a Muslim Walk into a Comedy is about a Jewish Synagogue that sponsors a Syrian refugee family. Pain plus time equals comedy, that’s the formula. It's a drama getting here, it can become a comedy once they arrive. In a world where people are so conscious of Antisemitism and Islamophobia, when well-meaning cultures clash, there is humour. Even in the interviews for this play the refugees, who escaped the most gruelling circumstances imaginable, sat in the living room of one of the amazing women who brought them to Canada and laughed and laughed. They are the examples of wonderful human beings trying their best in a world gone mad.

Sunday, January 13
Where Heroes Lie
by David Haas

The play is a fictional military-themed drama. An aged veteran visits a Canadian war cemetery in France and encounters the daughter (Jamie) and great-granddaughter of a soldier buried there after dying heroically decades earlier. The veteran denies having known the man. Why is he lying? Denying knowing a comrade who dies close by him emerges in a staggering climax that overturns what Jamie has always believed about her father’s death.

Admission is free, however goodwill donations for Red Deer Players are accepted.

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