Super Fun Saturdays (Downtown Branch)

2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Children’s Department
All ages (under eight with an adult)

Join us every Saturday for these awesome afternoon activities!

September 8 
Movie Day - Early Man
Caves, soccer, snacks, a movie - what s’more could you want? Note: Movie program will run until 4 p.m.

September 15 
Lego Wind Racers - Build and race a Lego Wind Racer!

September 22 
Un-Tech Coding
No computer required--learn basic coding skills that you can build on at home.

September 29 
Blindfolded Taste Test Challenge 
Can you taste the difference between the red and green skittles? Or can you tell what kind of chip you are eating only by its taste or smell? Put your tastebuds to the test in our blindfolded taste test challenge.

October 6 
Library Mini-Golf 
Yes, we really will have mini-golf in the Library! Come “putter” around and test your skills on the Children’s mini-golf course! 

October 13 
Lego Monsters 
Use Lego to create a scary or silly monster.

October 20
Mad Science
Our rogue scientists are back just in time for some slimy, spooky, crazy Halloween fun.

October 27 
It's the Great Pumpkin Party! 
It’s almost Halloween! Bring your family along for a spooky afternoon of pumpkin carving and Halloween themed activities.

November 3 
Board Game Extravaganza 
Celebrate International Games Day! Make your own tabletop games, play life-size games, and  play some of your old and new favourites.

November 10
Coding, Lego and Robots, oh my!
Learn basic coding skills while playing with Lego and robots.

November 24 
Junk Sculpture 
Help us turn junk into treasure! Create a sculpture out of random craft supplies.