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With Press Reader you have access to close to 450 newspapers from around the world, in the language in which they are published. The newspapers are updated on a daily basis. A list of the newspapers available in the database is available here(This resource is funded by the Public Library Services Branch of the Government of Alberta.)

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Canadian Newsstream

Canadian Newsstream Complete is a full text/bibliographic database that provides full text access to articles, columns and features published by these daily newspapers: Calgary Herald, Daily News (Halifax), Edmonton Journal, Gazette (Montreal), Financial Post (Prior to October 27th, 1998), National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Province (Vancouver), Spectator (Hamilton) ( 1994 to July 1999 ), Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun . Plus transcripts of national news broadcasts from: CBC News & Current Affairs and CTV News & Current Affairs. A great source for Canadian newspapers and current affairs information.

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Canadian Reference Center 

Canadian Reference Centre combines Canadian magazines, newspapers & newswires and reference books to create the largest collection of regional full text content available to Canadian libraries.This database contains over 30 Canadian and international newspapers including Toronto Star, Canadian Associated Press, Guelph Mercury, The Worldpaper, and others.

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