Frequently Asked Questions about eBooks & Adobe Digital Editions


Q. I’ve heard about eBooks and eAudiobooks are available at Red Deer Public Library (RDPL). Does this mean that you are changing the whole collection to a digital format?

A. No, RDPL's Digital Library will supplement, not replace our printed books.

Q. What is Libby?
A. Libby is a service that Red Deer Public Library (RDPL) subscribes to for access to current, popular titles in eBook and eAudiobook formats.

Q. Do the publishers give you these books for free?
A. No, RDPL subscribes to a service that we pay for over and above all the other book formats we purchase.

Q. What kinds of titles will be in the eBooks and eAudiobook collection?
A. The RDPL Digital Library collection will contain popular, bestselling items. 

Q. How many items can I borrow at one time?
A. You can take out 10 items at once. 

Q. What is the loan period on these items?
A. You can choose a loan period of either 7, 14, or 21 days. You can also specify your preferred loan period.

Q. Can I place holds on items?
A. Yes! You can place holds on eBooks and eAudiobooks, similar to placing holds on print materials.

Q. What is my PIN?
A. Unless you have changed it, your PIN is the last 4 digits of the phone number on your membership account.

Q. What devices are compatible with this service?
A. Libby has tested many devices with eBooks and eAudiobooks and have listed compatible devices. 
Note: RDPL is not responsible for any data charges related to downloading software and/or content required to used the service on your mobile device(s).

Q. What software is needed to load ebooks on my Kobo e-reader from my computer?
A. You will need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions. For help on installing Adobe Digital Editions, check out our Guide to Adobe Digital Editions for eReaders.

Q. I am encountering an error when I try to transfer a book onto my Kobo using Adobe Digital Editions. What do I do?
A. Please consult our Guide to Fixing Errors on Kobo Readers.

Q. Why is the Kindle not supported?
A. Kindle does not use the same kind of Digital Rights Managment protection that is required by Libby publishers. Please see Libby's sample list of other compatible devices

Q. I have a TAL (The Alberta Library) card and/or an RDPL non-resident card. Can I get access to this service?
A. Unfortunately, our contract with Libby does not allow us to grant access to non-primary cardholders (i.e. Cardholders that do not pay taxes to the City of Red Deer).

Q. I’ve lived in other communities that subscribe to Libby. Their collection contains videos and music. Why don’t you have videos and music in your collection?
A. We want to provide more content with our budget so we decided to stick to eBooks and eAudiobooks to start.

Q. Can an item be checked out by more than one person?
A. No, just like a print book, the item can only be checked out to one person at a time.

Q. I can’t find my favorite book in eBook format. Why not?
A. Publishers decide which titles they make available to us in an electronic format (Example: eBooks). Unfortunately, not all items that they publish in print are available electronically.

Q. There is a book I would like to see in RDPL's digital library. Are you taking purchase suggestions?
A. Yes. Follow these instructions to recommend an item for our digital collection: 
     Due to a limited budget, we prioritize purchasing bestselling and popular items.

Q. How many items are in the RDPL collection?
A. As of March 2019, we have nearly 10,000 items for adults, children, and young adults! Check back often as we add new items every month!

Q. When I look at "My Account" does it show the items that I have checked out on my Libby Account?
A. No, your Libby Account shows your digital checkouts. "My Account" shows all print checkouts. You will need to check them separately. 

Q. Where can I find more information on how to borrow digital content in Libby?
A. Take a look at the Libby Help on RDPL's Digital Library site. Content is specific to device and includes how-to videos.

Q. I got the error message, "Restricted Cart Item" when I tried to check something out. What does this mean?
A.  A child card is being used to check out a title that is only permitted for adult card holders. Please use an adult card to check out your content.

Q. My library card expires in 2 days, but I've checked out an eBook/eAudiobook and I have it for 2 weeks. Do I still get the full loan period?
A. As long as you download and the title before your library card expires, you will have the item for the full loan period (in this case, 2 weeks).

Q. Why does RDPL not have more eAudiobooks?
eAudiobooks cost considerably more than eBooks. RDPL decided to purchase more eBooks due to the high demand for this format and the fact that they are more affordable. For more information on library access to eContent, check out

Last updated: March 4, 2019