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Donating to Red Deer Public Library

Gifts to Red Deer Public Library are tax deductible; RDPL is registered with Canada Customs & Revenue Agency as a charitable agency.  For further information regarding donations of cash or gifts in kind to the Library, please talk to a librarian at RDPL, or contact the CEO at 403-346-4576.

Donations can be made online at:      

Great Expectations

Red Deer Public Library's new Planned Giving Program is Great Expectations.  Our donors provide essential philanthropic support that will help Red Deer Public Library ensure a better tomorrow for the citizens of Red Deer.  Planned Gifts include gifts in wills; life income plans such as gift annuities and charitable trusts; and beneficiary designations of retirement plans, brokerage accounts, and life insurance policies.

Making a will is the first step toward a wise financial plan for you and your family. It allows you to decide how your assets will be distributed. It is also a way for you to carry your commitment to organizations that are important to you beyond your lifetime.  The first step in this process is to consult with your attorney, accountant or trust officer who will work with you to design a bequest that fits your situation and meets your goals.  A professional will ensure that you receive the tax benefits allowed for your gift. If you already have a will it may be amended by codicil to include the Library, the Friends or Library funds at the Community Foundation.

Your attorney may have a preferred style for drafting wills, but the following is sample bequest phrasing:

“I give and bequeath (describe dollar amount, property to be given, percentage or remainder) to Red Deer Public Library, 4818-49 Street, Red Deer AB  T4N 1T9.”

Please call 403-346-4576 or send an email to with further questions.

Red Deer & District Community Foundation

There are four Library funds at the Community Foundation:

  • The interest from the John & Margaret Dickson Public Library Fund allows the Library to enhance programs, services and collections for teens.
  • The Helen Dawe Memorial Fund provides funds to buy books on classical music.
  • The Olson Memorial Fund supports major author visits for children and teens, every two years.
  • The McNeil Endowment Fund for Red Deer Public Library will support Professional Development for Library staff.

Donations to these funds at the Community Foundation are also tax deductible.

Friends of the Library

Donations to the Friends of the Library benefit Red Deer Public Library, and gifts to the Friends are also tax deductible.  Please visit the Friends page of this website for information on donating to the Friends.