Frequently Asked Questions about RDPL

RDPL Branches

How big are the Library facilities?

The Downtown Branch is about 4,000 square meters.  The Dawe Branch was 631 square meters, but grew to 966 square meters in the recent renovation (2010). The Timberlands Branch is 440 square meteres.

What is my PIN?

In order to be able to access your account and place holds in the library catalogue, you will be required to enter your 14 digit library card number and PIN. By default, the PIN is set to the last 4 digits of the telephone number you provide when your account is set up.

How many items are in the collection?

Total number of items (all formats, Downtown Branch) - 145,543
Total number of items (all formats, Dawe Branch) - 48,533
Total number of items (all formats, Timberlands Branch) - 13,141
Total number of items (eBook/eAudiobook format in Libby) - 6,967 

[January 2017]

How is the Library funded?

About 79% of the Library's $5 million budget comes from Red Deer's municipal tax levy (residential and business property taxes).
About 11% comes from the Provincial Library Grant, a per capita grant administered by the Libraries Section of Alberta Municipal Affairs and Housing.
The remainder, about 10%, is generated by the Library itself, from user fees, fines, room rentals, interest, photocopying, and the Library's fee-for-service projects.
Red Deer Public Library receives no money from any municipality outside of Red Deer.

Can I return items from one branch at another branch? 

Yes, you can! We have a courier service that transfers items between the branches Monday through Friday. Items are picked up first thing at the Downtown branch then delivered to Dawe. After leaving Dawe, the courier picks up and returns items from the Timberlands Branch and the Collicutt Center before returning downtown. Please note the following schedule:

  • Items returned at the Downtown branch will be delivered to Dawe Branch and Timberlands Branch each week day.
  • Items returned at the Dawe branch will be delivered to the Downtown Branch and Timberlands Branch each week day.
  • Items returned at the Timberlands branch items will be delivered to the Downtown Branch each week day and any items for the Dawe Branch will be delivered the following day. If they are delivered at the Downtown Branch on a Friday, they will not arrive at the Dawe Branch until Monday. 

What is the origin of the Library's logo?

Painting: Open BookThe logo and tagline "Open for Discovery" come from an exciting process of stakeholder planning in 2000 and 2001. 

The logo was designed by DNA Design of Calgary.  It is based on the 1930 painting "Open Book" by Paul Klee [pictured to the right], which is in the Guggenheim Gallery in New York. 

LogoIn the logo, "RDPL - Red Deer Public Library" is in Gill font, while "Open for Discovery" is in Flora font.



Can we eat and drink in the Library?

Yes.  Nothing goes better with a book than a cup of coffee.  Bring your brown-bag lunch and read a magazine. Please note that food and beverages are not allowed when you are using a computer terminal.

When you're at the Downtown Branch, consider buying your lunch or a snack at Café Noir (one of the first full-service coffee shops in a Canadian public library, by the way).  When you're at the Dawe Branch, try the Sno Biz Grille Cafe in the G.H. Dawe Centre mall area, just down the hall from the Library.